Main Benefits and Background

Problems associated with out-dated documentation or information.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) will be the first dedicated piece of legislation in South Africa to give effect to our citizens’ constitutional right to privacy, whilst also aligning South Africa with global standards for safeguarding personal information. At this point in time it has not yet been enacted, but clear guideline's are in place for the correct policies & procedures.
Personal information includes manual and automated actions;
POPI integrates with alternative Acts such as FAIS, FICA, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and the Electronic Communications Act.
A provider must have appropriate procedures and systems in place to store and retrieve such records and any other material documentation relating to the client or financial service rendered to the client;
Keep client records and documentation safe from destruction.
A provider may not disclose any confidential information obtained from a client, unless written consent is received from  the client.
All personal information should be kept secure against the risk of loss, unauthorized access, interference, modification, destruction or disclosure.